Otago Skylights & Heating News Feed http://www.otagoheating.co.nz Otago Skylights & Heating Earth Dayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/15/Earth-DayHometech Solatube is offering a great deal with Earth Day. &nbsp;Get in touch today to get the $150.00 off your solatube and make your home more energy efficient1428321600http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/15/Earth-Dayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nzEarth Dayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/15/Earth-Day Last Days...http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/14/Last-DaysBe in quick for the final few days of the bundle deal to make the most of the sun!1418641200http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/14/Last-Dayshttp://www.otagoheating.co.nzLast Days...http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/14/Last-Days Ipad Mini Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/13/Ipad-Mini-GiveawayCongratulations to Mrs Jill Parry of Mosgiel. &nbsp;She has won the Ipad Mini simply by having two solatubes installed. &nbsp;1415012400http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/13/Ipad-Mini-Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz246Ipad Mini Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/13/Ipad-Mini-Giveaway Grab a Deal Todayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/11/Grab-a-Deal-TodayCheck out Hometech Solatubes newest promotion.<br /> Contact us today for this great deal and let the light in!<br /> Promotion runs until Dec 19 2014.1412074800http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/11/Grab-a-Deal-Todayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz245Grab a Deal Todayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/11/Grab-a-Deal-Today Ipad Mini Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/10/Ipad-Mini-GiveawayOtago Skylights and Heating are giving away one ipad mini to one lucky customer who installs a Hometech Solatube Daylighting System in the month of September or October 2014. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> We are also offering $50.00 off every Solatube installed during the month of September!<br /> <br /> Contact us today to book in your consulation and be in to win!&nbsp;1410436800http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/10/Ipad-Mini-Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz243Ipad Mini Giveawayhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/10/Ipad-Mini-Giveaway Recent Inbuilt Fire Install and Kitchen Tilinghttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/8/Recent-Inbuilt-Fire-Install-and-Kitchen-TilingSome of the recent work that the installers have been busy with. &nbsp;<br /> A modern fire is complemented with the traditional stone surround. &nbsp;A Metro EcoSmart Inbuilt Fire is a smart and economical way of heating your home.<br /> <br /> A newly installed kitchen show casing some of the boys tiling and diverse range of skills. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> This Masport Freestanding Fire installation was a little trickier than normal. &nbsp;This shows the different options with ceiling penetrations and looks great in a large room.<br /> <br type="_moz" />1407758400http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/8/Recent-Inbuilt-Fire-Install-and-Kitchen-Tilinghttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz238Recent Inbuilt Fire Install and Kitchen Tilinghttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/8/Recent-Inbuilt-Fire-Install-and-Kitchen-Tiling Fire Installation. http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/9/Fire-InstallationHave you ever thought of powder coating your flue? &nbsp;This is a simple way of enhancing the look of your roof without making it standout. &nbsp;It doesnt cost too much extra but as you can see it looks very smart. &nbsp;Just another tip from Otago Skylights and Heating to help improve the look and feel of your home.1407758400http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/9/Fire-Installationhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz241Fire Installation. http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/9/Fire-Installation Radio Wanaka Homeshowhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/7/Radio-Wanaka-HomeshowCome visit us at the Radio Wanaka Homeshow, Sat 10 May in the Wanaka Event Centre. &nbsp;1399204800http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/7/Radio-Wanaka-Homeshowhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz229Radio Wanaka Homeshowhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/7/Radio-Wanaka-Homeshow Hometech on The Living Channelhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/6/Hometech-on-The-Living-ChannelWatch &quot;The Living Channel&quot; - How Did You Do That? Thursday 3 April at 8pm and see a Hometech Solatube being installed into the house that they are renovating.1396436400http://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/6/Hometech-on-The-Living-Channelhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nzHometech on The Living Channelhttp://www.otagoheating.co.nz/news/6/Hometech-on-The-Living-Channel